Maximize Your Mobile
Ad Revenue With Nimbus

Maximize Your
Mobile Ad Revenue
With Nimbus

Bidders compete in a unified auction.
We optimize delivery. You double or triple your CPMs.
That’s The Power of Nimbus.

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Nimbus is a disruptive new mobile ad platform that combines an ultra low-latency server-to-server publisher exchange with a flexible, lightweight client-side SDK. With one call to our platform, you get access to a pool of bidders who compete for your impression on a first-price auction, so you get the highest CPMs available, right from the source. Nimbus is designed to do two things well: maximize your revenue and deliver a polished ad experience to your users.

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Nine Reasons You Should Use Nimbus
To Deliver Your Mobile In-App Advertising

1. We Are A “Publisher First” Platform

Nimbus was built by Timehop with one goal: to generate the maximum amount of revenue per impression. We don’t have conflicting priorities like most other popular solutions. We don’t skim premium inventory like other solutions. Nimbus immediately delivers your inventory to a network of demand partners to maximize your revenue with no conflicting priorities.

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2. Unified Auctions = Maximized CPMs

Waterfall is dying. Stop wondering why you’re not getting the CPM rates you know exist but can’t seem to achieve. Nimbus facilitates “header bidding” style auctions that drive up competition and sell your impressions to the highest bidder, following the OpenRTB standard. This is the bleeding edge of yield optimization. Don’t settle for anything less.

3. Low-Latency Cloud Architecture

Nimbus is built for speed. Our extremely low-latency cloud platform connects you with all of your demand partners with just one call. Stop running client-side waterfall auctions that are just slowing down your app. With Nimbus, you get a fast, elegant server-to-server solution that delivers your inventory to a competitive publisher exchange in milliseconds.

4. Nimbus Validation = More Impressions

You can’t make money if your app isn’t showing ads. Nimbus delivers extraordinary high render rates by using a proprietary validation stack. Each winning creative is quickly checked for delivery issues, to be sure the ad will be displayed properly. If the creative from the highest bidder won’t display properly, you’ll get creative from the next highest bidder.

5. Real-Time Reporting

No more sitting around and wondering what’s happening with your revenue. See exactly how much money you’re making, every day, in real-time. Other solutions can take hours or days to get you the numbers you need. When you have real-time reporting, you can optimize on the fly, turn partners on or off, and more. With Nimbus, you can focus on the work that actually increases your revenue, instead of sitting around waiting for numbers.

6. We’re Agnostic (No, Really!)

This is actually a repeat of #1, but we’re going to say it again because it’s that important. Some well-known platforms take a “first look” at your impression to see if they want to buy it or resell it, before putting it into their marketplace. This means you don’t get the highest possible bid, or even close to it. With Nimbus, your impressions go straight to the publisher exchange and are sold to the highest bidder. Your bottom line will thank you.

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7. Nimbus SDK. Simple. Lightweight. Optional.

Tired of complex, client-side attempts at revenue optimization? In fact, if you’re running multiple client-side SDKs, you’re probably doing more harm than good. When you run on Nimbus, you can tear out your old SDKs and third-party adapters, replacing them with one single connection to our publisher exchange – whether you use our SDK or not. And we’re adding more demand partners every day, so you don’t have to.

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8. Introducing Hybrid Auctions

Want to sell high-CPM video impressions but worried about low fill-rates? Nimbus has you covered. Our new Hybrid Auction technology places static display ads in direct competition with video ads, which maximizes CPMs while maintaining high fill-rates. Nimbus SDK includes a free, flexible rendering solution that allows you to serve static display and video assets with ease.

9. Continuous Improvement

Every day, our engineers work to improve the speed and performance of Nimbus. When you use Nimbus, you shift the heavy complexity from the mobile device to the cloud, where it’s faster, and more effective. Let us handle the advanced optimizations, so you can sit back and relax knowing your revenue is maximized with each call.

Nimbus Optimizes Your CPMs And Fill Rate While Simplifying Your Ad Stack
Nimbus provides massive revenue and performance improvements over traditional client-side approaches by handling the auction in the cloud instead of inside your app. Nimbus leverages a proprietary suite of bidding and delivery optimizations to maximize your CPM and fill rates.

Bottom Line:

Nimbus gets you the highest bid possible and validates the renderability of the creative within milliseconds. By running the auction server-to-server via Nimbus, the entire process is much more efficient than using a bunch of bloated client-side SDKs.

Ad Formats

Static Display
Video (VAST)
Timehop Saw a 10x Increase In eCPMs
After Switching To Nimbus
Nimbus drives competition and delivered a tenfold increase in average CPM for Timehop. The platform helps to maximize ad opportunities at all times, and delivers extremely high fill and render rates. Isn’t it worth trying Nimbus to see what it can do for you?
Read the full story on nimbus-digiday

“Timehop had three months of runway in the bank when it decided its current advertising solution wasn’t going to cut it. The app — a way to reminisce on photos and posts across social media — had raised $14.1 million since its launch in 2010. If it was going to ever return that money to investors, the company had to do something else.

“Millions of people use it every day. We can’t just shut it down. At that point, we had so many ideas of what else to do. Maybe we fail and it still ends but we should not end it here?” said Matt Raoul, CEO of Timehop.

As Twitter knows well, you can just shut apps down. But Raoul, Timehop’s design lead who was promoted to CEO after his predecessor left for Snapchat, decided against a quick demise. Instead, the plan was to boost its programmatic advertising. The 15-person team ended up building its own ad server. A year and a half later, the app’s CPM has grown from $2 to $28. Timehop is currently profitable with 50 percent margins this quarter.

On Aug. 28, Timehop’s server was filing 74 percent of its inventory at $14 CPMs. Compared to a year ago, the company’s revenue is up 1,000 percent. About 85 percent of that revenue is programmatic, rest direct sales. The startup’s making close to $1 million per month, said Rick Webb, Timehop’s chief operating officer.”

Nimbus-Integrated Demand Partners

We’re 100% Agnostic and Publisher First!

We have no internal marketplace. We are not affiliated with any particular ad network. We’re 100% agnostic and publisher first. So you can be confident you’re earning the most money you can from each and every impression. And we’re happy to talk about integrating with your preferred demand partner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a unified auction?

The term “parallel bidding” or “header bidding” is often used to describe a non-sequential, real-time auction. Every demand partner has the ability to bid simultaneously in a single auction. In other words, all the networks are given the opportunity to bid at the same time, instead of in sequence. This approach significantly drives up competition and maximizes your CPMs and revenue.

Can we run Private Market-Place deals?

PMPs are exclusive deals with advertisers that run in an invite-only marketplace. With Nimbus, you can run PMPs directly through your preferred network partner and have it compete against bidders on the open publisher exchange to continuously deliver the highest CPMs possible.

Can you integrate with DSPs?

Yes. Nimbus integrates with networks using OpenRTB. This is how DSPs currently communicate to SSPs. Nimbus cuts out the middleman and allows you to plug in directly to your demand-side partner. If you have an existing relationship with a DSP we don’t currently integrate with, we are happy to have a conversation about how to get them up and running on Nimbus.

What ad units can I run?

Interstitials, static / display / banners, video, native. It’s important to understand that Nimbus is a solution to deliver mobile in-app advertising, and does not deliver ads for mobile web applications.

How do I get started with Nimbus?

Getting started is easy. Simply contact us and we’ll get you set up with a Nimbus account and our SDK quick start documentation. If you are a large publisher interested in Nimbus, but not willing to take a large risk to your existing revenue streams, we recommend starting with a small test to see how much more revenue you could be making running on Nimbus.

What is a hybrid auction?

In a Hybrid Auctions, static display and video ads compete against each other to fill your placement. This maximizes CPMs and ensures you get the highest fill rates possible.

Do you require me to use your SDK?

No. If you want to connect directly to Nimbus to benefit from the open publisher exchange, you can. However you will have to write your own networking and rendering functionality for the client-side.

Why would I want to implement another SDK?

Existing solutions are unlikely to perform the full suite of optimizations that Nimbus provides, such as unified auctions that maximize competition, hybrid static/video auctions, creative validation, fall-back fills, and more. Your existing solutions also might not be completely agnostic, and you may be losing dollars if your impressions are not being delivered to a fair and open marketplace. And because Nimbus communicates to each network server-to-server, their respective SDKs are no longer needed in your ad stack, which allows you to focus on what’s important: improving your app.

Do I still have direct relationships?

Yup. All relationships are one-to-one between the publishers and the network. Nimbus doesn’t have any demand of its own, ensuring a fair and equal auction. Your network relationships stay the same. Billing and optimizations are still communicated between you and the SSP. For any technical questions, Nimbus has your back.

Can I use Nimbus alongside with other platforms?

Yes, you can run other platforms. However you need to implement their SDKs.