Getting Started with Nimbus

How to Integrate Nimbus into your Mobile App


Option 1: SDK Implementation

The Nimbus SDK (available for both iOS and Android) is the easiest and fastest way to start using Nimbus. Instead of installing multiple SDKs from each of your demand partners, the Nimbus SDK gives you access to all of your demand with a single integration — saving you engineering time and keeping your app fast and lightweight. Think of it as “one SDK to replace them all.”

The SDK handles both requesting the ad and rendering the impression — all with a lightning-fast server-to-server connection — making it the easiest way to integrate with the Nimbus exchange.

The SDK is customizable. You can choose to use the rendering function, the requesting function, or both.


Option 2: Custom Implementation (No SDK)

You can make a request to the Nimbus server directly from your app. Our team will provide the steps necessary to call the ad and utilize the Google IMA player to render the various creative types. This does require a bit more elbow grease, but some publishers prefer to communicate to Nimbus directly, without the need for an additional SDK.