Real-time Reporting

The Nimbus Dashboard Shows you Every Demand Partner in One View

What is the Nimbus Dashboard?

The Nimbus Dashboard shows you exactly how much money you’re making every day. It gives you access to 100% transparent revenue data from every demand partner in real-time. Spot trends, catch anomalies, and monitor your ad stack’s performance faster and easier with everything in one view.

What does “100% transparent” mean?

Nimbus exists to facilitate your auction and ensure you are getting the highest CPM possible for your ad unit. That’s it. No “double dipping” with our own demand. No agendas. No preferred networks. No funny business. We use unique Nimbus trackers so that you can always compare our data against your demand partners’ reports.



The number of times your app sends an ad opportunity to Nimbus, initiating an auction



The number of successful bids (wins) that have displayed within the ad unit



The “effective Cost Per Mille,” which is the price per thousand ad impressions in your app



Total monies generated for completed successful auctions

Why is real-time data important?

Real-time reporting helps you make important decisions faster. Monitor new releases to see the impact on revenue immediately. Evaluate the performance of your demand partners. Project revenue. Add to the things that are working, course correct the things that aren’t.

Can I see different data breakouts?

View, sort, and filter your reports to create the snapshot you want. Track every piece of Nimbus data by demand source, platform, placement, and more. Our dashboard gives you all the data you need to ensure you are collecting every dollar you earn from your demand partners.



The number of times a request from your app has garnered a winning bid

Win Rate

The percentage of total requests that converted into wins

Render Rate

The percentage of total wins that converted into impressions


The uniquely named individual ad unit that made the request to Nimbus